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"refractory" 40th Anniversary and refractory technology development seminar was successfully held in Luoyang

Central Research Institute of Luoyang Refractory Steel Group (refractory magazine) organized the "refractory" 40th Anniversary and refractory technology development workshop on 4 April 2006 was successfully held in Luoyang 7. Conference organizers led Sinosteel Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research Institute Hongxia, party secretary Li Guofu, vice president of the David Wong, China's refractory industry leading experts, Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhong Xiangchong, vice chairman of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, Wu Chang, China Deputy Secretary-General Su Tiansen Metals Society of China Refractories Industry Association Taoruo Zhang, "refractory" magazine's chief editor and deputy editor of several from across the country, "refractory" the magazine Editor, consultants, many experts within the refractory industry , academics, the head of some enterprises and institutions and "refractory" of the magazine, readers, advertisers representatives, all members of the magazine and other refractory total of 240 people attended the meeting. Opening ceremony of Sino-Steel Group Vice President David Wong presided over Luoyang Refractories.
In the opening ceremony, the Academy-resistant Steel Group Hongxia Luo opening statement first, to welcome the arrival of guests. Premier Lee in his opening statement, a brief introduction of the "refractory" published in the journal aims to report the direction of the development process of 40 years and the achievements of the previous editorial board member of the active contributors to the author, to have the and hard work are all editorial comrades, the warm concern and support for the magazine readers, for the magazine to give full support and assistance to the development of leaders at all levels and relevant departments, the relevant units and refractory materials, said the industry and advertisers heartfelt thanks, while the "refractory" magazine contribute to the development of the late veteran experts Yu Kwok-shing, Li Guangping, Zhengan Zhong, Yan Xingjian and expressed a deep nostalgia. Finally, Premier Lee stressed the "refractory" magazine in the future direction of development, pointed out that "refractory" magazine to advance with the times, striving for world-class journals.
Zhong Xiangchong Academy of science and technology workers as the older generation of refractory deep feeling in his speech recalled the "refractory" magazine founder and development process, affirmed the "refractory" magazine on the development of refractory positive contribution to the hope that magazine the future promotion of industries and enterprises should be self-innovation, the development of new refractory materials continue to play a greater role.
Wu Chang, vice president, Su Tiansen Taoruo Zhang Deputy Secretary-General and President of China Iron and Steel Association, representing the Chinese Society for Metals and the Chinese refractory industry associations gave a warm speech. Wu Chang, vice president of the first of the "refractory" The 40th anniversary of congratulations, as the old leadership of the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, he briefly introduced the magazine's founding and development process, confirmed the resistance of Sinosteel Luoyang Institute technical innovation Road, building self-innovative business practices. He said that the current rapid progress in China's metallurgical science and technology level, high temperature refractory industry to keep up the pace of technological development industry, to provide users with a full range of services, "refractory" magazine should give full play to connect the bridge and link refractory and the role of the user. Su Tiansen Deputy Secretary-General, Tao Ruozhang president affirmed the achievements of the magazine and the contribution of the industry, but also the future development of the magazine and suggestions put forward with hope.
Professor Li Nan, Wuhan University of Technology as a "refractory" the old editorial board, the old advisor, Henan Refractory Industry Association, representatives of pro-Jin, readers were also at the meeting.
"Refractory" magazine editor in chief Chai Junlan current staff on behalf of the magazine to all participants, to all concerned to support the "refractory" magazine, leaders at all levels, "refractory" magazine's previous Editorial Board members, all of the readers and advertisers to thank a friend, said inside and outside the industry leaders, experts, and friends help and support, must take the "refractory" magazine even better at the same time run the "China Refractory" (English version), " refractory material information "(half-monthly) and" refractory Network "magazine several other media, in order to return all the leaders and friends, the magazine of refractory concern and love.
The Assembly also read academicians Yan Dongsheng, Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhong Xiangchong other 10 industries inside and outside the leaders, renowned experts were "refractory" The 40th anniversary of the handwritten inscription. In addition, read the Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Technology, Xi'an Architecture and Technology, the Chinese Society for Metals, China Steel Industry Association, China Refractories Industry Association, Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Company, Sinosteel Luoyang Refractory Co., Ltd. Shandong Lu-resistant ceramic limited liability company, China Metallurgical Coking & Refractory Engineering Co., Ltd., Shougang Technology Research Institute, AMI Aluminum (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., "SOCIETY," and many other universities, industry organizations, enterprises and institutions periodical such as a congratulatory message sent, message.
Activities throughout the festival in a grand and warm atmosphere, after the event, all the delegates posed for pictures. After the ceremony, held in refractory technology development seminars.

Zhong Xiangchong, Hongxia, Sutian Sen, Chen Zhaoyou, Li Nan, Li then farming, Yang Bin, etc. more than twenty experts and scholars at the seminar made a wonderful report. The report relates to the steel industry, technological progress and the development of refractory materials, refractory status of the industrial structure, the basic research and new refractory materials development, utilization and development of raw materials, recycling used refractory, metallurgy, glass, cement, ceramics, petrochemical industry refractories, refractory equipment and technology, testing technology and the status of standardization and development of import and export of refractory status and so on.
Expert's report a comprehensive introduction to the development of refractory materials, production and applications in various industries, refractory equipment and technology, detection technology, standardization status and direction of development, etc., which promote exchange of technology of refractory and progress will will play a positive role. These reports are also greatly attracted the interest of the participants, who have said the refractories refractories industry technical seminar is meeting the highest technical level, I hope Sinosteel Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research magazine next to on a regular basis refractory or from time to time continue to organize such conferences.
Papers from the conference level and quantity, academic atmosphere, participants and enterprises, experts and technical managers responsible person or the number and breadth, and many other ways, this meeting be the refractories industry a meeting of great influence.

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