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Shandong Wanqiao Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1963, is a private enterprise with 1,200 employees (including 240 technical management personnel) and fixed assets of RMB 160 million. With a production capacity of 120,000 tons of silica bricks and 50,000 tons of clay bricks, it is equipped with five 180m full gas automation silica brick tunnel furnace production lines, two 95m full gas automation clay brick tunnel furnace production lines, and matched crushing equipment, mixing equipment and presses. As the largest refractory private enterprise in Shandong, Chairman of Zibo Refractory Chamber of Commerce, AA-level Enterprise by Shandong Branch of China Construction Bank, and an appointed coke oven refractory manufacturer of Anshan Coking & Refractory Design Institute of CMGC and Taiyuan Second Design Institute of Chemical Industry, the company was certified to ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, and obtained various refractory production licenses after examination and acceptance of national production license departments. With complete detection means and perfect quality control system, it is a large-scale enterprise obtaining market recognition.
  Our major products include clay bricks and silica bricks for coke ovens; clay bricks, alumina bricks and silica bricks for blast furnaces and blast stoves; clay bricks, silica bricks, low creep clay bricks and alumina bricks for carbon furnaces; clay bricks and silica bricks for glass kilns; low porous bricks, cast bricks, cement vibration forming bricks and ramming bricks on the bottom and wall of the pool, and synthesized silimanite bricks. We adopt Belgian manufacturing technology to produce front lip bricks, rear lip bricks and drawing bricks for unsintered heat-resistant concrete flat glass line, as well as various heat insulating materials, zircon bricks, sintered AZS bricks, ramming materials, siliceous vulcanization materials, excellent silica fireclay, siliceous plastic insulating materials, pouring materials for power plants, and other amorphous refractories.
  In recent years, our company has actively participated in international market competition, and our products have been exported to Britain, Canada, Russia, Indonesia, India, Iran, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, etc. Our Chairman and General Manager Gao Jianli welcomes your arrival.

Address: Bei Bo Shan Zhen Xie Jia Dian Cun, Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province Post Code: 255213  続ICP姥10040195催
Tel: 86-533-4260495  Fax: 86-533-4260495  Sales Hotline: 86-533-4164819
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