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Japan and South Korea in 2010 Symposium on Refractories

Central Research Institute of Luoyang Refractory Steel Group was organized Okayama Ceramic Research Institute, Pohang Institute of Science and Industry in Japan and South Korea to participate in the Symposium on Refractory June 3 will be held in Luoyang. Three on their research in the field of refractory materials to communicate, learn from each other to achieve the common objective of improving.
Academic exchange Title:
Luo resistant homes in the steel:
Report of a porous ceramic preparation, performance and application of
Report on the composite structure of long nozzle thermal stress finite element analysis
Report III, refractory high temperature resistance test method
Report IV, refractory elastic modulus of the test methods and equipment
Okayama Ceramic Research Institute:
Report of a refractory thermal conductivity test method and the problems
Report II, refractory products, the new permeability measurement device Progress
Report III, OCRF refractory Progress
Pohang, Korea Institute of Science:
Report, Pohang Institute of Development of Industry
Meeting Time: June 2, 2010 -3 Day (June 2nd Daily to, June 3 exchanges)
Venue: King of the South New Area of ​​Luoyang City Road and Tai Road intersection Yaxiang Jinling Hotel Grand Hall third floor
Conference Team Tel :0379 -64206302, 13838460165
Fax :0379 -64,206,300

The majority of the meeting are invited to participate in the refractory industry insiders. Look forward to your visit!


                  Sinosteel Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research
                         May 31, 2010

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